#supportlocal #outsidedining

Small businesses are in crisis and restaurants are some of the most vulnerable businesses.
Restaurants served as our social meet ups pre COVID and during the COVID summer and early fall months dining outside of each restaurant was so joyous and uplifting.

Restaurants are an important part of part of our interaction with friends and family. This is meaningful since such a big part of our lives is on our computers and mobile devices.

During the COVID summer and early fall months dining outside was so uplifting

This has been the warmest winter in Central Park history and it's almost as if the Universe said these people have had enough of 2020 and gave us extra weeks of warmth. However now winter is here. The heat lamps are in place, the outside structures are built, and they are ready for us so we need to be ready for them.

Now that the winter chill has set in I fear outside dining will diminish

After dinner the other night, I saw two sleeping bag coats sitting outside under a heat lamp and it gave me the idea to put my sleeping bag coats at 50percent off.

Now you have to understand this is the height of my coat business at full price, but the one thing I know is if you have a sleeping bag coat you can eat outside and feel like you are wrapped in your blanket.

Be a regular at your favorite local restaurant

Please wear layers and bundle up. Have dinner with friends and if you are working give big tips. Be a regular at your favorite place and support your local restaurants.




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