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I am invincible

It is such a great feeling to finally talk about my book. I have been working on it for some time and it has been my personal goal to create a handbook for women, something I wish I had throughout my life.

To start.... For those of you who don’t know me or only know parts of who I am, let me introduce myself. So.. I have been in business since 1967, I was married at 19, divorced and on my own as a single woman at 31, and as a fashion designer, and entrepreneur.

At 35 my brand was known outside of the cult following I had developed and was expanding globally.

I am still the sole owner of my company at 75.

At 65 I met my soulmate, and we will be married soon.

We all have a different timeline

Ok, so the point of all of that sort of bio is that I have gathered lots of experience and information and I am ready to share it all.
When women know about the passages each decade has in store and realize how unprepared we are for the ride, they can use and apply the information and have in sight what is ahead.

I believe the younger you are when you read this handbook, the more you can be potentially ahead of the game. It will in no way substitute for your life experiences including the painful ones but it will give you perspective, and it will definitely inform you that you are not alone. You may well be able to take away something from the book you can apply to your life immediately.

When a woman is invincible she gets it done

I Am Invincible is the name of the book, and the reason for the name is that every time any woman feels like she has it together, and what I mean is something even as simple as her hair, and her body fitting comfortably in her clothes, and her attitude is balanced, she feels invincible and when a women is invincible she gets it done.
It is exhilarating to experience, and exhilarating to observe.

When we are informed and we can prepare for the unknown. It gives us all a chance to be invincible. ..Therefore the book.

Now it is important to understand, we all experience the same passages, however the passages are experienced in a different way for each of us because we all have a different timeline. For example when we fall in love, when we have children, and when we realize our purpose we do it following on our own calendar.

The importance of my purpose in this lifetime

I wrote my mantra as my meditation years ago and it reminds me of the importance of my purpose in this lifetime.

I am invincible when I feel empowered and when I am healthy I am strong and then I can do all the things I need to do to reach the goals I need to reach in order to fulfill my big dreams that are as big as the world and as optimistic as my mind can imagine I will age with power and influence change because I know my purpose.

This may be a good time to create your own mantra to repeat before your meditation and to use when you need to refocus your own power.

Now here is what is in the book.

Aging with power is the core of the book. It covers the decades in a woman's life. For each decade there is my story and experience as an example, but it also includes some helpful suggestions on how to better understand the passage but also tips and practices that are helpful tools.

Sleep diet exercise

An important thread throughout the book are the three pillars of a healthy lifestyle: sleep, diet, and exercise.
My entrepreneurial experience is shared throughout the book as are tips on individual style and the value of authentic beauty to a strong sense of self.

The chapters include:


This newsletter will reflect the book's purpose weekly and will continue to support my mantra.




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