Anger is a real emotion and it can make you sick.

As a child of the sixties I have imbedded in my behavior to embrace peace and love as the ultimate state of well being.

There is a temptation to revert to anger when we hear the news of the day or experience disappointment because it can easily undo embracing peace and love for all.

I guess it is important to first and foremost understand that anger will erode the soul and the wellbeing of the person experiencing this dark emotion.

Very often anger comes from a painful experience that is never resolved

Very often anger comes from a painful experience that is never resolved. Then at another time and place we have an experience that activates that deep pain and it takes over our emotions as anger and even hate.

Whatever actions we take to express our anger will either increase the pain by causing others pain, or we can release the anger by addressing where and when the original experience took place and implanted itself in the psyche.

The darkness of anger can express itself in hate and this eats away at our physical and emotional health.

Anger affects friends and family and is like a virus

Anger affects friends and family as well and it is like a virus – it’s contagious and deadly.
I think the best solution for anger is a full body cleanse and that includes a spiritual and emotional cleanse resulting in self love.
In the moment of anger try to recognize your extreme reaction and slow your self down.

Focus on breath and then as soon as you can, go for a run or to a gym or just run up and down some stairs. Exercise and basically try to exhaust yourself of the physical reaction to the anger.

Next stay far away from caffeine alcohol or or mood altering drugs. Deal with this with self love. So what if this sounds like BS! It’s not!

Self love means pampering yourself by not eating junk food but making a salad with lots of colorful vegetables or having a delicious smoothie or a soup with tons of great ingredients. Junk food will make you feel bad and look bad so focus on this thought process from a self love perspective.

Self love means pampering yourself and not eating junk food

Get a massage, do a self massage with oils or get one from a friend. When COVID passes try anything like a nail salon neck head shoulder massage to a spa with steam and oils.

Take a long shower with scrubs and wash your hair. Do a total cleanse while taking your time to give you a feeling of well-being. Soaking in a warm bath after the shower is another amazing self love experience.

Immediately start meditation. Get an app, try a YouTube tutorial, but start right away. You can control your blood pressure, heart rate and over all mental well being with breath and meditation.
You deserve this power.

Stay away from stimulants so your sleep habits add to the cleanse. Each night we sleep to restore the stresses and energy expended in the day. Be sure you make a good night sleep your priority.

During your self love retreats you will discover the root of the pain

These are little tips towards self love.
While you are indulging yourself in this experience, decide to make this at least a once a week happening so it can be your go-to towards your happy place. I know this again is not BS.

During your self love retreats you will discover the root of the pain that activated the anger. It will reveal itself and it does because you develop strength with love. You will be more equipped to handle the discovery and how to deal with it.

When we learn to love ourselves and this is not a narcissistic love and the good news is others respond to us in the same way.

It’s quite simple - “ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE” - The Beatles 1967


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