What Have We Learned About Education From COVID

Education needs to be reinvented so that it is available everywhere at anytime to anyone of any age, especially children and young adults.

For every empty store front that exists we need a learning studio

It can be science, technology, ceramics, coding – endless topics, trades, sports, and subjects.

Learning about who we are as children comes from social interactions and is even more important as young adults. Schools and and Universities provide the environment for this discovery.  We need to find a way to make these environments safe shelters from anything like this happening again. They need to be open and available longer hours with social scheduling as part of the curriculum.

We need to find a way to make these environments safe shelters

We need to explore and continue invention as we come out of COVID and enter the new normal we have been expecting. Education is power. Education eliminates racism and poverty.
Education ultimately is important in regards to Aging with Power because it supports independence, and the ability to remain involved and relevant.


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