End Conspicuous Consumption, Support Sustainability

More than ever this is the time for less is more.
If you are not using it give it away... or sell it if you can.

If you find your drawers filled with unused beauty products, stop buying into the newest promise to keep you young and wrinkle free or to hide all of your flaws!

Stop buying into the newest promise to keep you young and wrinkle free

This is madness so you must find safe products that work for you and are efficient, and when you run out you buy more. A healthy lifestyle of sleep diet and exercise plus supplements for skin and hair might just be all you need. The work that needs to be done is in your head. Believing in your own authentic beauty is easier as you follow a healthy lifestyle.

Sustainability, fashion, style, and clothing go hand in hand

Remove anything from your closet that doesn’t fit you. Give it away, to a friend or a resale distributor. Then anything that is worn out use for cleaning, polishing, or painting.

Then when you are ready to shop buy three things you will wear over and over again and can throw in the washing machine. Examples are jeans, sweats, and some easy care jerseys.

Resole and restore shoes you love

Start to strategically buy clothing you love that are your personal style, not a trend. Do the same for shoes. Re-sole and restore shoes you love and take good care of them by cleaning especially after wear and tear. If you are no longer wearing your shoes give them away, again recycle.

You will be surprised the next time you do your seasonal purge. You will have less waste and more pride in this really simple achievement.

I know I do this and it works wonders.

Keep it simple.

Oh I have my favorite sleeping bag coat for 25 years. Countless sleeping bag coat fans proudly announce how long they have had their coats.

Timeless style that functions is the secret

Timeless style that functions is the secret... a hat, a handbag, a pair of jeans, a sequin tank top, and less is more.




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