We May Have Finally Solved The Impossible Quest For Balance In Our Lives

We need to explore and continue invention as we come out of COVID and enter the new normal we have been expecting.

The silver linings are extraordinary.

For example we can really successfully work from home

The only way we could realize this was to be forced to make this move globally not in little segmented businesses. Balance in our lives has been forfeited for so many reasons but now we realized we can have balance raise children have careers save on the expense of doing both and connect the family and relationships more closely.

Even having our animals around makes such a difference in our emotional well being

In my company we took a consensus as to who would like to continue working from home and 2/3s of the response was yes that would be a preference. A large portion of the other third have positions that are primarily on site type jobs.
Some moved to cities outside of New York for outdoor living and a less expensive lifestyle, but within travel distance should they be needed for in person company presentations. Some have been spending time in other states/ countries visiting family and present at all the zoom meetings while being productive with their work as well.

I never thought it would be possible for me to work away from the office. The sample room and my studio are the hub of my creativity and the joy I experience in the space is my inspiration. How could I possibly replace that?

Other things that are inspirational to me are in nature


Be Fit


Walking, Walking, and Walking
Freestyle Dancing Is Everything