The Only Way To Sleep Is To Float On A Cloud

Sleep tips for a good night's rest

•  Keep a consistent sleep schedule
•  Get at least 7 hours of sleep
•  Establish a relaxing bedtime routine

Make your bed every morning. This is your restorative space; treat it with respect

•  Use your bed only for sleep and sex
•  Set a comfortable, cool temperature
•  Limit bright light in the evenings

Your bed is a beautiful place to restore, reconnect, and to have a good night's sleep

•  Don't eat a large meal before bedtime
•  Avoid consuming caffeine after 2 pm
•  Avoid consuming alcohol before bedtime
•  Reduce your fluid intake before bedtime


I developed a scent with the purpose of helping people feel good. It is a calming, meditative scent that leaves you with a feeling of well being, as if you are floating on a cloud.  I spray it on my pillow before bedtime or in the bedroom for a restorative environment. It can be found here.




If Your Device Sleeps You Probably Will Too