Fashion Lessons Of COVID 19

The silver linings that came about as a result of solving problems, and preventing new ones based on the new issues that confronted the company at the onset of COVID.

The solutions opened doors we never considered.

We need to become leaner and more efficient to meet the needs of this moment

We needed to become leaner and more efficient and act fast to meet the needs of this extraordinary moment.

We recognized the strengths we had as well especially being a primarily e-commerce brand. Our largest accounts are e-commerce sellers and we have our website as well.

We built that base to be even stronger and more productive.

There was no question from day one the clothes we wear at home are much different from work clothes or fashion. Knits represent so much of my brand as does easy care wash and wear fabrications. We increased the output of this classification and we also realize with job loss or pending job loss fear also impacts the price that becomes the sweet spots for shoppers.

With this information, and more people working from home more often.

There is no doubt there will be lifestyle changes for a good part of the population

There will be almost a full year of this type of lifestyle indoctrination and what will fashion look like?

In fact I wonder if we need a new word to represent what style looks like post COVID.

Actually I don’t wonder – I know we need a new word and it will come as we see this magically evolve with our lifestyle.




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